I thought I knew what I was doing…

When I first handed my precious Manny over to a friend to do basic structure editing I thought I knew what my weaknesses were. I use way too many commas in places I don’t need them, I really suck at keeping my sentences short, and I have a tendency to over use the same word because I like how it sounds.

Nope, I was wrong. Perhaps then I thought I knew what path I was on. Now, I realize that I have no idea what I am doing and as terrifying as that sounds, it means I am going in the right direction.

I have never taken a long term writing class outside of one creative writing class in College. I didn’t study English, I didn’t make my life about learning the in’s and out’s of writing. I just love to write. Now I knew that I would look like a newb, but seriously I didn’t know how incredibly horrible my basic structure would be when it came to the little things.

Did you know that the first paragraph of each chapter isn’t supposed to be indented? At all?? Did you know that you aren’t suppose to use actual TAB indents, only 5 spaces at the start of each paragraph after the first one?

The one thing that seriously blew me away was realizing how many damn adverbs I use. Holy crap, WAY TOO MANY!!

Now I never once thought I would be a super professional at this whole writing thing, but realizing now that I have a lot of work to do is a bit daunting. In a good way though, because this is what it means to be moving toward the big leagues. There is no way I know all the in’s and out’s, no way that I will ever be able to contest with people that have been doing this for years, but…I do know that I am still passionate. Even if you have horrible structure and do everything wrong, if the story is good the packaging won’t matter a bit. No one cares about the fact that you use too many or too few of something in writing if the story is good and written well.

Case in point why I have an Editor. Without her, I don’t think I would be able to do this. So for now what I say to you is, if you don’t have an editor or don’t think you need one you are wrong. If you think getting and Editor is too expensive, you are also wrong. You just have to find the right one for you. I promise it can be done.

I have one month until my Manny is due on my Editor’s schedule…I best get to writing!!! (and removing the adverbs).

A Morning Rant….

Now that I have calmed down I feel I can rationally talk about a quite heated conversation I had this morning. It’s not an easy one to discuss without becoming massively defensive┬ábecause I am so emotionally effected by it, but I feel it’s also important to share and discuss when things happen because it perhaps might enlighten someone that was unaware before.

This morning a fellow co-worker that will remain nameless brought up a topic that I immediately became a raging angry bitch the second he opened his big fat mouth. “Women shouldn’t be allowed to go to a clinic to murder a baby, it’s against every moral law out there.” Followed up with the comment, “Women have no right to demand birth control, it’s not a right to try to keep yourself from being knocked up when you are spreading your legs for everyone that comes around.” And not to mention, my favorite line, “Well maybe the woman you are referring to should find better people to hang out with, it’s her fault that she was taken advantage of.”

So, to all of this I desperately wanted to do this….

Screw you!

But I am a professional woman, and I would never flip off someone in the work place in a serious fashion. That’s just rude.

So instead I became an angry and nastily sharp tongued female and bit out a few comments that any female who has been through a difficult moment of female life would do. But to make a point of this without becoming all angry all over again here are a few details to take note of if you are reading this and disagree with me….

  • a woman has the right to birth control to feel safe and secure in the fact that she will not get raped and be forced to birth a child she doesn’t want
  • a woman is always at risk of someone taking advantage of her and to suggest it’s her fault that someone else hurts, harms, or forces a woman into a situation she isn’t comfortable with is wrong
  • no woman should feel like she doesn’t have a choice to take care of her own body

Now I could rant on and on, but to be honest it isn’t necessary. I feel that a woman has a choice to decide whatever she needs to in order to feel safe and comfortable with her own life, but I don’t need to scream it out at the top of my lungs. You either agree or disagree and some ignorant men and females will completely miss the point. The point is your body is your own, and no person whether it be family, government, church, or significant other has the right to tell you what to do when it comes to your body and your safety. That’s my point….yes we should all pay taxes in a way that is fair, yes I think that having an abortion is killing a fetus but a woman has the right to choose and you can’t take that away from her, yes I understand that health care should be paid for but it is also a right to have healthcare and if you are a doctor or nurse in the profession you walk in knowing that you are working for the people just as the government SHOULD be doing.

Anyways….that’s my side, and you can agree or disagree, I just had to say my peace and let the words out of my brain.

I need more WORDS

After I decided to split my first book into two I thought, “This is going to be awesome, I have so much space to fill in the story line!”

I started with 53K words, and now I am up to 62K words. My goal is to reach 75K by the end of August. I can do this, it’s not that hard right?

I think my editor would disagree with me haha. It’s going to be a productive month peoples.

And great news, I have an idea for the cover of the first book! Gonna start working on it after I finish moving. That’s right, I am also moving right now. Such great timing!I swear I am working...

This is what working really hard looks like right?