Yes…I now am writing Quadrilogy

I’m so very close, I can feel it in my finger tips, I know I am almost there!!!

I have said this so many times now that it’s starting to feel like a never ending process, but I swear I really am almost there this time. After talking it over with my Editor (Yes I have a REAL editor, I have an ASHLEY!) I realize that she is so right in telling me that my first novel is way too long. I knew it was, and I tried really hard to fix that little problem (little as in I had 168K words in my book and I had to figure out a way to bring it down to 100K….I failed miserably doing that).

My Editor recommended that I split the first book into two. After first I thought, “oh god, how can I possibly do that!?” Then, literally within the next five seconds I thought, “wow, my Editor is BRILLIANT!”

She is one hundred percent right. So, remember how I said about 5 months ago that I was sooooo close and that things were looking good. I was a little ahead of schedule, because this time I really think I am finally getting there. I split my first book into two and now have 12 chapters so far to work with. I have so much more room to explain the heavy behind the scenes details!! I have already added 4K words to the book and there is more to come. I literally am so very excited to get this gem out to my editor because I seriously feel that what I have is going to be something awesome. So, within about a week I went from having three books and one almost complete to having four books and two almost complete. I am feeling pretty damn good.

I am sticking the the title though, the first book of the series will be called:


It has nothing to do with the roman empire though 🙂

Right now I am working on chapter 9 of 12 (though I have a feeling this might flesh out into about 17 chapters total by the time I am done) and have a little ways to go to make it more of a great first novel. I hope to share more with you about it soon, but for today I want to get through this chapter. Sometimes I get so carried away from the story that I forget I am supposed to be editing. That’s a good sign!

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