Why Are You Yelling At Me?!

I have something not writing related to talk about, it’s more human reaction related which I find just as intriguing as any writing related topic.

Really truly as we walk through our lives we are constantly confronted by people who make great characters for a novel. I recently wrote a blog about finding novel characters in your every day life and how fun it is. There are moments when it’s not so fun because the reaction the person is flinging your way resembles the evil monster character that we all love to loathe.

It’s just hard not to dislike them for the ridiculousness of their attitudes. There is no rhyme or reason really for the way they act, they just say things and do things for the pleasure of it, or because they believe they are justified to act or speak that way.

So several days ago I was confronted, via text message mind you, about something that I had apparently done that upset someone else. I had no idea the person was upset, or even frustrated; so when I was verbally attacked through the monotone text message I was completely thrown off my rocker. More like hurtled off my rocker that was on the tip top peak of a mountain.

Now I won’t go into detail of what was said because that is absolutely pointless. No reason to pick apart the minuet details, more I want to address the action. This wasn’t the first time I had been verbally (via text message) attacked for something that I had no idea was going on. I have tried to be understanding and accepting, but sometimes I have to take a step back and realize that it actually isn’t about me. Sometimes the other person just needs a whipping post because they are pissed off. Sometimes communication isn’t clear or expressed and they freak out because you are supposed to know what they want and need. Sometimes people are just ass monkey’s though…and there is nothing to be done about that. Talking to you WORMTONGUE ——————————>

Anyways, needless to say I was beyond surprised by the words flung at me, and more than a little hurt that someone actually thought I was being inconsiderate and mean. It’s hard, actually almost impossible to be considerate of someone’s needs, wants, and desires if they never let you KNOW what their needs, wants and desires are. Every evil mean annoying character in a book and movie has an agenda, but they also have a need for something. They usually are mean because they don’t communicate what they actually want.

Then again….some want WAY more than they should ever be allowed to have. Like…THE WHOLE WOLRD and that’s just selfish. Can’t always get what you want you know!

So, I would never actually liken the person who bit my head off to any one of these characters shown above, BUT I would say that this person has a tendency to jump into aggressive meanness before calmly looking at the situation at hand. To any person out there who yells before they think, aggressively accuses before hearing the whole story, or who justifies their own feelings with illogical ideas needs to sit back and take a minute to scrutinize themselves.

Do you actually want to be a Regina George? Do you really want to be seen as Draco Malfoy? These people are people we love to hate because they are complete and total pricks for no damn good reason. Perhaps next time you can politely ask for what you need and give the other person a moment to reciprocate that niceness. Now if you tried that and it still didn’t work you can go all Voldemort on their butts.

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